2024 Tourism Business Support Grants

NOTE: Below are the guidelines for the new Delaware County  Tourism Business Support Grant, due February 28th, 2024. This grant program is for for-profit entities engaging in tourism projects. For tourism grants for non-profit and municipal entities, please visit our Local Community Tourism Grant page.

2024 Delaware County Tourism Business Support Grant Guidelines


The Occupancy Tax was enacted into law by the Board of Supervisors for the purpose of creating a dedicated funding stream to promote and develop the tourism industry within Delaware County, thereby stimulating economic growth. Funds raised through the occupancy tax will be utilized to support the implementation of programs designed to promote and increase tourism in Delaware County, as well as projects relating to capital and infrastructure investments that further support the development of this industry.

Below you will find guidelines and application instructions for this program. Applications must be postmarked or hand-delivered by 5:00 P.M. Wednesday, February 28nd, 2024.

Submit applications to:

Kelly Mariotti

Delaware County Economic Development

One Courthouse Square, Suite 4

Delhi, New York 13753

Additions Questions/Concerns:

For any questions not answered in this brief introduction to this grant please contact Kelly Mariotti by emailing: kelly.mariotti@co.delaware.ny.us , or calling (607) 832-5123.

Funding Categories:

Code Compliance Assistance

  • Maximum funding – $1,000
  • Projects that help support full time lodging facilities to meet all necessary code requirements, i.e. Building safety, fire codes, water supply, sewage collection and treatment, etc.

Business Cooperative Promotion/Marketing

  • Maximum funding – $2,500
  • Projects that support tourism related businesses that partner on marketing initiatives and/or promotions targeted to non-county visitors. Examples of eligible projects to include joint promotions between dining and lodging establishments, special events or festivals, cultural events. Eligible businesses to include lodging, attractions, events, venues,  restaurants, and entertainment. Must be two or more businesses or non-profit entities to qualify.
  • Events must be open to the general public.

Lodging Business Capital Improvement:

  • Maximum funding – $10,000
  • Projects that improve/upgrade lodging facilities and enhance visitor experience – priority being given to projects that add new rooms. The primary function of the property must be as a lodging facility, not residence or other business. Must be an existing lodging facility, registered for the occupancy tax, current on fire inspections, properly insured, meet any other requirements of a lodging facility and be classified as commercial property. Copies of these documents will be required.

Evaluation Criteria:

Applications submitted to the Tourism Advisory Board clearly demonstrate how the project will result in an increase in the number of visitors, visitor frequency and/or visitor spending in Delaware County.

Applicants shall clearly define the project and planned outcome. Applicants will be required to demonstrate a minimum of 1:1 match, as well as the applicant’s organizational and financial capacity for completing the project.  Personal labor of the applicant is not an eligible project cost and may not be used as a match to the grant.

Grant Awards

All grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and will require a minimum 1:1 cash match.  Grant recipients will be required to document the availability of matching funds prior to receipt of grant funds.  Grant awards are made by the Delaware County Local Development Corporation on recommendation of the Tourism Advisory Board. Personal labor of the applicant is not an eligible project cost and may not be used as a match to the grant.

Required Reporting:

  • Grant recipients will be required to submit a final report upon project completion.
  • The final report will specifically address the results/impact of the project and project finances, in addition to other items deemed appropriate by the applicant and/or requested by the Tourism Advisory Board. Proof of payment will be required for the total project cost. (grant award and match)

Applications Deadline – Wednesday, February 28th, 2024:

  • Hand-delivered to the Delaware County Economic Development at One Courthouse Square, Suite 4 (2nd Floor), Delhi NY 13753
  • Mailed to: Delaware County Department of Economic Development

Kelly Mariotti

One Courthouse Square, Suite 4

Delhi, NY 13753

(Must be postmarked by 5:00 p.m. on 2/28/24 for consideration)

  • Emailed applications will not be accepted.

Note:  Questions relating to this funding opportunity, or for assistance in completing the application, please contact Kelly Mariotti, Delaware County Department of Economic Development at 607-832-5123.