IDA of Delaware County New York

Requests for Proposals

Issued January 31, 2020:

Request for Proposals for Development of IDA-Owned Property

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IDA Background:

The Delaware County Industrial Development Agency seeks to improve the quality of life in Delaware County by assisting businesses and industry for the purpose of retaining and expanding existing job opportunities, attracting new jobs, and stimulating the investment of capital in the county.

The IDA works in conjunction with the County Department of Economic Development to build a sustainable future for Delaware County. We strive to meet the needs of new and existing businesses through expertise, financial assistance and continued support. The IDA offers a variety of programs and performance based incentives to encourage businesses to expand or locate within the County and create new jobs.

The IDA also focuses on the future through efforts to stimulate the development of new local industries. The IDA seeks to be a business-friendly partner. During and after this RFP process, the IDA is willing to assist the business with acquisition plan fit for the its success. Examples include lease-to-own agreements, financing options and PILOT agreements.

Project Summary

The Delaware County Industrial Development Agency is seeking development proposals from qualified firms for the opportunity to purchase or lease IDA-owned property at the corner of Main Street and Meredith Street in the Village of Delhi.

Because of its proximity to downtown Delhi and two major transportation routes: State Route 10 and State Route 28, the IDA and the Village consider this an important site that offers unique access to shipping, as well as commercial access to patrons. The lot is zoned as general business.

Development Vision

The vision for the property’s development is still emerging and the IDA will look at Developer proposals and prioritize them according to timeline, job creation, market demand and economic and community benefit to the Village and Delaware County.

Project Introduction

Community Overview

Delhi sits in the scenic Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York and runs alongside the West Branch Delaware River. The Village of Delhi has a population of 3,176 and Delaware County has a population of 45,950 full-time residents. Delhi is the county seat of Delaware County and has three essential transportation routes running through its boundaries: State Route 28, State Route 10 and County Route 14. With these essential routes, its downtown commercial district and shopping plaza, Delhi also serves as the center of commerce for the county.

The village and its businesses benefit from some large employers and important institutions within and adjacent to the community. SUNY Delhi, a four-year college, enrolls over 3,000 students and employs about 550 faculty and staff. The village also has O’Connor Hospital, a 23-bed facility within the Basset Healthcare Network and employs 184 staff. Delhi is also home to three large businesses: Saputo, Friesland Campina and Clark Companies which employ about 500 people. The college, hospital and large businesses are all within a five-minute drive of this site.

Due to the nature of the Catskill Mountain, Delhi also has a large tourism industry, which has resulted in a burgeoning second homeowner population. Many SUNY Delhi student also live near this site. These two populations are important to the community and are not represented on the census, so the following population estimates present a more accurate depiction of this site’s market.

Population within 10 miles:

10,774 full-time local residents

2,264 full-time college students

3,797   second homeowners

16,835 Total


Population within 15 miles:

22,381   full-time local residents

2,264 full-time college students

10,957   second homeowners

35,602 Total


The income information presented below also includes household income data for the SUNY Delhi college students and second homeowners in the target market areas that are excluded from census bureau data for the region, as previously discussed.  The figure regarding total household income of SUNY Delhi students and second homeowners reflects the total household income of the region that is not included within official census bureau data for the region.

Household & Family Income within 10 miles:

Avg. Household Income:   $54,276

Avg. Family Income:  $74,232

Avg. Household Income of SUNY Delhi student families & Second

Homeowners – 10 miles:   $114,587

Total Household Income of just SUNY Delhi students & Second

Homeowners – 10 miles:  $440,242,195


Household & Family Income within 15 miles:

 Avg. Household Income: $52,586

Avg. Family Income:  $72,672

Avg. Household Income of SUNY Delhi students & Second

Homeowners – 15 miles:  $121,108

Total Household Income of just SUNY Delhi students & Second

Homeowners – 15 miles: $864,830,086

Site Overview

The site is 18,696.56 sq feet and has access from Meredith St (State Route 28) and Orchard St. The site has no environmental impairments and is considered “shovel ready.” There are currently no standing structures on the property. The site is zoned as general business and is near Delhi’s primary business district, as well as Delhi Village Hall and Delaware County’s government offices. The site is also near the corner of State Route 28 and State Route 10, which serve as the primary traffic routes in the region.

Traffic Counts

Below is the average daily traffic for routes near the site, according to New York State Department of Transportation, updated 2016:

Available Analysis

The IDA has boundary survey available for developers.

The soil at the site has been tested by DEC, and there is no known contamination of the site that would require an environmental review.

General Project Comments / Standard Conditions of Approval

The intended outcome of this Request for Proposals process is the development of a Project Development Agreement that will allow the developer and IDA to define terms and conditions and develop a plan for the developer to own or lease the property to develop the preferred project. The IDA will assist in creating a property-turnover plan that best fits the developer. Upon completion of the agreement, the developer will stay in close communication with the IDA, in order to utilize the agency’s tools and resources, as well as establish a financing plan for the property, if necessary.

During the RFP period, the developers and their employees, agents or representatives, shall have the right of reasonable access to the IDA parcel during normal business hours for the purposes of inspecting the IDA parcel, undertaking any necessary soil tests and otherwise conducting due diligence to ensure that the IDA parcel is suitable for the developer’s intended use. Notwithstanding anything else in this Request for Proposals, the developer shall defend, indemnify and hold the IDA and its officers and agents, harmless from any injury, property damage or liability arising out of the exercise by the developer of this right of access, other than injury, property damage or liability relating to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the IDA or its officers, agents or employees.

Proposal Instructions

A complete, concise and professional response to this RFP will enable the IDA to identify the Developer who will provide the highest benefit to the Village and the County and will be indicative of the level of the developer’s experience and commitment to the proposed project. Proposals must demonstrate that the approach, design, and financing plan for the proposed project will allow the project’s successful development and delivery.

The following information should be provided, as applicable, in each proposal:

  • The firm / team’s statement of qualifications.
  • A narrative description that expresses the firm / team’s understanding of the project and vision for development. The narrative should reflect the respondent’s development design intent, strategy and implementation expertise, and understanding of the scope of work.
  • Resumes with related expertise of the specific Developer and any other consultant or subcontractor resumes with relevant expertise and experience.
  • Descriptions of any of the firm’s / team’s completed projects that demonstrate the developer’s:
    • Ability to complete projects of a similar size, scope, and purpose in a timely manner.
    • Description of any other completed projects of similar types.
  • Description of the benefit the proposed project brings to the Village and County:
    • Proposed offer price to purchase/lease/enter lease-to-own contract with the site.
    • Analysis of the proposed job creation potential, market demand, and the community, economic and financial benefits of the proposed site.
  • A proposed approach for undertaking this development, including
    • Detailed scope of work and
    • Schedule for predevelopment analysis, site plan review, construction, etc.
    • General timeframe for the development of the Developer’s proposed project. If multiple components or phases are planned, a list of all.
  • Standard statements:
    • A statement that this RFP and the Developer’s proposal will jointly become part of the Project Development Agreement for this project when the agreement is fully executed by the Developer and the IDA,
    • A statement that the Developer will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

The IDA will not be liable for any expenses incurred by developers responding to this solicitation. All material submitted will become the property and retained by the IDA.


Release Request for Proposals… January 31

Deadline for Submittal of proposals…. March 31

Finalists Chosen for Presentation to IDA Board… April 10

Presentations to IDA…. April 24

Developer Chosen by IDA… May 1


Please direct all inquiries concerning this RFP to:

Delaware County Economic Development

Attn: Evan Bowker, Economic Development Specialist

One Courthouse Square, Suite 4

Delhi, NY 13753


Developer’s Responsibilities

The developer shall be responsible for all aspects of the project including predevelopment planning and design. The selected developer shall be responsible for determining all permits and other government approvals necessary for its proposed Project. The IDA can assist in seeking Village site plan review and approval and construction permitting and any entitlements that will be required for the development of the project.

Predevelopment Costs

The selected developer shall bear all predevelopment costs relating to this project. All fees or expenses of engineers, architects, financial consultants, attorneys, planning or other consultants or contractors retained by the developer for any study, analysis, evaluation, report, schedule, estimate, environmental review, design, drawings, specifications or other activity or matter relating to the project shall be the sole responsibility of and undertaken at the sole cost and expense of the developer and no such activity or matter shall be deemed to be undertaken for the benefit of, at the expense of, or in reliance upon the IDA.


The developer shall be responsible for demolition, construction and commissioning of the project including determining all permits, fees, and approvals necessary for construction of the project.

Standard Terms and Conditions

The IDA has the sole authority to select a developer for this project and reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any informality or minor defects in proposals received. Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the proposing developer of the conditions contained in this Request for Proposals, unless clearly and specifically noted. The IDA is not liable for any costs incurred by the developers in preparing and submitting proposals.