IDA Mission Statement

Public Authority’s Mission Statement:

The Delaware County Industrial Development Agency seeks to improve the quality of life in Delaware County by assisting businesses and industry for the purpose of retaining and expanding existing job opportunities, attracting new jobs, and stimulating the investment of capital in the county. The Delaware County IDA strives to assist and promote growing industry in Delaware County by helping businesses to be competitive and profitable by offering:

  • Financial Assistance, Business Incentives, Tax Exemptions, and Bonds
  • Improved Utilization & Development of Local Infrastructure
  • Stimulation of Investment, Employment & Wealth in the Community
  • Recruitment of New Business


List of Performance Goals

Working with all economic development partners the IDA will:

  • Actively support and further the interests of county-based businesses;
  • Be accessible to county businesses to identify and mitigate obstacles for growth and to exploit opportunities for growth;
  • Assist in the planning, funding, and development of sites, buildings, infrastructure, and other programs and activities to facilitate business development and expansion;
  • Will plan and implement efforts both inside and outside of Delaware County that target the expansion of existing businesses, the establishment of new business, and the attraction of new companies, people, and investment to the county;
  • Will represent the interests of local governments with our federal and state elected officials with respect to economic development; and
  • Will maintain relationships with federal, state, and regional elected officials and economic development allies to further Delaware County‚Äôs economic development program objectives.


The purposes of this Agency shall be to promote the economic welfare, recreation opportunities and prosperity of Delaware County inhabitants and to actively promote, attract, encourage and develop recreation, economically sound commerce and industry and economically sound projects. Further, it is the purpose of this Agency to protect and promote the health of the inhabitants of Delaware County by the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural and cultural or historic resources and environment and to control land, sewer, water, air, noise or general environmental pollution derived from the operation of industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, commercial, recreation, horse racing facilities, railroad facilities and research facilities.