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Delaware County 2024 Tourism Grants Launched

Tourism Grant Programs

The Delaware County Occupancy Tax was enacted into law by the Board of Supervisors for the purposes of creating a dedicated funding stream to promote and develop the tourism industry within Delaware County and stimulating economic growth.  Funds raised through the occupancy tax will be utilized to support the implementation of programs designed to promote and increase tourism in Delaware County, as well as projects relating to capital and infrastructure investments supporting the further development of this industry.This program will provide funding assistance to initiatives proposed by the Tourism Promotion Agency for Delaware County that are in the furtherance of their mission to grow the economy and create jobs by dramatically increasing visitors, visitor frequency, and visitor spending in Delaware County.  Applications for funding assistance will be accepted for specific program activities that are separate and distinct from the agency’s operating budget.Grant awards are made by the Delaware County Board of Supervisors on recommendation of the Tourism Advisory Board.  Only those proposals that are recommended by the Tourism Advisory Board and approved by the Delaware County Board of Supervisors will receive funding, regardless of the availability of funds.Click here for information about the 2024 Local Community Tourism Grant Program. *These grants are for nonprofits and municipalities. Deadline Wednesday, February 28th.

Click here for information about the 2024 Tourism Business Support Grant Program. *These grants are for for-profit businesses with tourism-related projects. Deadline Wednesday, February 28th.