Tourism Grants, Andes Community Day

2019 Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Recipients

For questions about specific awards, contact Delaware County Economic Development.

Name Category Amount Project
AMR Artists 2019 Events Promotion/Marketing 4,000.00 Marketing of the AMR Artists 2019.
Andes Chamber of Commerce Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Andes Community Day *Featured
Andes Chamber of Commerce Promotion/Marketing 3,000.00 Promotion of Andes Bicentenial Celebration
Andes Dancing in the Park Arts & Culture 1,000.00 6th Annual Dancing in the Park
Bright Hill Press Promotion/Marketing 5,000.00 Marketing of Bright Hill Public Programs
Catskill Center for Conservation & Development Promotion/Marketing 2,500.00 Promotion of activities in the Catskills
Catskill Mtn Club Capitol Improvement 400.00 Trailhead signage at two trailheads (Delhi Academy crossing at Rte 28 & ending at the SUNY Delhi golf course).
Catskill Mtn Club Promotion/Marketing 322.00 Bochures for the five local trails maintained by the CMC.
CCE – Master Gardener Volunteers Capitol Improvement 1,500.00 Food & gardening exhibit at the Del. Co. Historical Assoc.
Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce Promotion/Marketing 4,138.20 Promotion of the Cauliflower Festival.
Colchester Historical Society (Town of Colchester) Promotion/Marketing 4,200.00 4 x8 billboards displayed on buildings in Downsville, NY.
Del. Co. Historical Assoc. Capitol Improvement 2,500.00 Replacement of cedar shingle on roof of Amos Wood gunshop.
Delaware Valley Ag Society Capitol Improvement 5,000.00 Interior remodel of the CCE building.
Delaware Valley Ag Society Promotion/Marketing 5,000.00 Video promotion of Del. Co. Fair
Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society Inc. Capitol Improvement 4,662.00 Signage enhancements/updates
Deposit Lumberjack Festival, Inc. Arts & Culture 1,000.00 Lumberjack Festival
Deposit Lumberjack Festival, Inc. Promotion/Marketing 1,000.00 Promotion of the Lumberjack Festival
Dirty Girl Farm Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Community Square Dance at Dirty Girl Farm
Farming Bovina Promotion/Marketing 5,000.00 New marketing campaign “Bovina Grown”
Festival of Women Writers (Hobart Community Foundation) Promotion/Marketing 4,000.00 Social media campaign for event.
Fleischmanns First Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Fleischmann’s Memorial Day event
Franklin Local Ltd. Promotion/Marketing 2,150.00 “Music at the Market”
Franklin Stage Co. Promotion/Marketing 5,000.00 Marketing for Franklin Stage Co.
Greater Roxbury Business (MARK Project) Promotion/Marketing 2,500.00 Promotion of Town of Roxbury events
Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Hancock’s winter event “Christmas on the Square”
Hancock Community Education Foundation Capitol Improvement 5,000.00 Construction of 120 ft. of walkways on trails at Robert W. Nichold Nature Preserve & Science Center.
Hancock Partners Promotion/Marketing 2,000.00 2019 Summer Nights LIVE!
Hobart Rotary Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Hobart Sausage & Cheese Festival
Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve Arts & Culture 1,000.00 Arts & Culture event
Pepacton Farmers Market Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Three concerts at the Pepacton Farmers Market – Summer 2019
Roxbury Arts Group Inc. Arts & Culture 1,000.00 No fee at the Roxbury Arts Center and various locations.
Roxbury Arts Group Inc. Promotion/Marketing 5,000.00 Website revamp
Stamford Golf Club Promotion/Marketing 2,500.00 Play and Stay Packages.
Succurro LLC Arts & Culture 1,000.00 Healing event (Succurro Festival)
The Greater Fleischmanns Museum of Memories Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Headwaters History Days
Town of Andes Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Andes Bicentenial Event
Town of Bovina Promotion/Marketing 2,250.00 Promotion of the Town of Bovina Bicentenial celebration in 2020.
Town of Hamden Promotion/Marketing 1,787.50 Local map brochure
Town of Roxbury (MARK Project) Community Celebrations 1,000.00 Celebrate Roxbury Summer Festival – 7/6/19
Walton Branch Artists Arts & Culture 1,000.00 Promotion of the first annual Walton Art Walk July 2019.
Walton Chamber of Commerce Promotion/Marketing 3,422.00 Promotion of the Sportsmen’s Expo 5/4/19.
West Kortright Centre Arts & Culture 1,000.00 Family friendly one day event.
Woodchuck Lodge Capitol Improvement 5,000.00 Orchard improvement