2017 Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Recipients

For questions about specific awards, contact Delaware County Economic Development.

Year Name Category Amount Project
2017 Catskill Development Foundation Community Celebrations $1,000.00 Meredith Dairy Fest
2017 Catskill Development Foundation Community Celebrations $1,000.00 Run Wild in the Catskills Half Marathon
2017 Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce Community Celebrations $1,000.00 Cauliflower Festival
2017 Delaware Valley Ag Society Promotion/Marketing $4,000.00 Promotion of the Delaware County Fair.
2017 Farming Bovina Promotion/Marketing $4,000.00 Advertising (email newsletter, social media, website)
2017 Franklin Stage Co. Promotion/Marketing $3,000.00 Advertising (print/radio), Playbill design/layout, Website & online marketing
2017 Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce Community Celebrations $322.00 Old “New” Franklin Day *Featured
2017 Greater Stamford Area Chamber of Commerce Promotion/Marketing $2,175.00 Updating the Chamber’s website – Promotion of local business.
2017 Hamden Hill Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club Promotion/Marketing $129.40 Familiarize local and visiting snowmobilers with the trail system in Delaware County with informational kiosks.
2017 Hancock Partners, Inc. Promotion/Marketing $2,500.00 Marketing. Advertising, promotion of 2017 Summer Nights LIVE!
2017 Hobart Community Foundation Promotion/Marketing $2,992.00 Promotion of events in and around Hobart NY.
2017 MARK Project Inc. Promotion/Marketing $4,000.00 Promotion of the Great Catskill Mtn BBQ Fest.
2017 MARK Project Inc./Business Assoc. of Margaretville Community Celebrations $1,000.00 Christmas in Margaretville
2017 MARK Project Inc./Spillian LLC Promotion/Marketing $4,000.00 Development/expansion of Catskill Trout Tales program.
2017 Town of Andes Promotion/Marketing $2,296.00 Development of Town of Andes website.
2017 Town of Davenport Community Celebrations $927.25 200th Anniversary of the founding of the town.
2017 Walton Chamber of Commerce Promotion/Marketing $3,045.00 Development of the Walton Chamber of Commerce website – Video project.
2017 Woodchuck Lodge Promotion/Marketing $1,155.00 Lodge signs/improvements
2017 Town of Middletown – Historical Society Promotion/Marketing $1,000.00 Brochures (Middletown Cemetery Self-Guided Tour)